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STOP Identifying Yourself with Others | Find Yourself FIRST

"I keep wondering how many people you need to be, before you can become yourself." - Iain Thomas

FOLKS, SPEND SOME TIME ALONE !! So that you can really start to understand WHO you TRULY are!! When we come to this planet as children, we are filled with so much curiosity with what this world is, how to behave in society, what is right, what is wrong and who we really are. Who we really are seems to confuse us the most, going along in life just continuously asking that question and at times forever changing who we are (which is OKAY!! and definitely a way to begin to shift, mould, create the person you are meant to become)

I find that though, most people get so stuck on "who I am" and a little scared to find out what really lies within them, so then they go from person to person, group to group constantly trying to identify themselves with others, THINKING THAT THAT'S WHO THEY REALLY ARE. What actually ends up happening here is that, they take on other peoples personalities, other peoples bad habits and sometimes good ones and beliefs. Which then in turn, start to shape you. Start to mould you into a person that you truly do not like. Then all the self sabotage kicks in which the common phrases of:

  • "What's wrong with me?"

  • "I'm not good enough."

  • "I don't understand myself and my thoughts."


BUT ALL OF THAT COMES WHEN YOU START TO IDENTIFY YOURSELF WITH OTHERS! When you start adopting their behaviour thinking it's yours because you are so scared to find out what's underneath you. The ONLY way to start realizing who you are, why you have come here, what your purpose is etc. is when you start spending time alone WITH YOURSELF!! And I know how scary that can be to some people, some people rather hang out with large groups, get drunk and avoid, AVOID, AVOID their thoughts at all costs. There is nothing to be scared about though, when we first start making space for ourselves, distancing ourselves from others and truly spending time by ourselves, we start the un-doing process of what others taught us, we stop identifying with their behaviours, habits and beliefs. It is like a caterpillar cannoning itself to finally transform and become what it is meant to be, what it always. A beautiful butterfly.

And that is what we all are as well, we all have different colours and things that make us unique. I highly recommend to spend some time with yourself and start understanding:

  • What you Love

  • What you believe

  • What your purpose is

  • What are your passions

  • Who do you want to become

  • What you came here to do

  • What habits you want to adopt

Etc. The undoing process in reality is a process of becoming, and I HIGHLY SUGGEST IT. << To keep yourself accountable, keep your mindset focused and become who you are meant to be, CLICK HERE and inquire about life coaching with me to truly start understanding who you are, what habits and beliefs YOU MUST GET RID OF and which ones to start implementing to become your IDEAL SELF >> Watch my video below to understand more as I go into details and how to distance yourself from others smoothly. Also for those who are watchers instead of readers.

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Lots of love, - Alexandra


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Lots of Love xo

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