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Stop Punishing Your Future Self | Time To Level Up

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Our actions and decisions today will shape the way we will be living in the future." SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS. Make the RIGHT choices TODAY that will honour your future self. Lately, I have been realizing how often most people and even myself included (we ALL are subjected to this) make choices and decisions that don't do their future selves any good what so ever. We usually will make a decision we know we shouldn't do (i.e. eat sugar late at night, spend money we shouldn't be spending, be unproductive etc.) along with a thought: "Well, I can deal with it later" "I'll figure it out somehow later on." "Whatever, it won't hurt me today." But all you are essentially saying is: "Well it doesn't matter what I do today because my present self is being entertained and enjoys this. My future self will deal with this and figure it out."

Which just means you are HURTING your future self and your FUTURE PLANS. Let's say you are in debt but you keep making excuses to be putting certain bills off and keep wanting the new hot gadgets and doodads. You will NEVER enter the financial abundance that you so crave for and definitely deserve to have. This is the mentality of LACK and you keep wanting to fill your bucket of "things" just to feel WHOLE inside. But of course, that won't ever happen because feeling whole inside is something that requires INNER WORK. You are doing your future self a dis-service. Let's say you would like to lose some weight and you have a certain goal you would like to hit. If you keep allowing yourself to eat junk food, or go out every week to give yourself a reward for all the "hard work" you have been doing, you won't ever hit your goal because you are training yourself that it's okay to eat a treat or drink some alcohol now because your future self will have it all figured out. You are doing your future self a dis-service.

You see, you cannot count on your future self to pick up your slack because the present you wasn't able to.


Because your present, past and future self is all connected, it's all one. It just depends who you are tuning into in that given moment. Sometimes, we can act like our past selves, most of the time the present self and at times we tap into our future self. You cannot rely on your future self to somehow miraculously pick up all the dirt you left behind to somehow turn all that around and become this ultimate super star version of you, IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN PRACTICING IT FROM THE BEGINNING.

You must set yourself up for success by already starting to implement and act how you would like your future self to act and be like. You must ALREADY, IN THIS CURRENT MOMENT start acting like the future you desire. That is what will lead you to making better decisions plus practicing from a state of self-discipline where nothing or no one can destroy you. This is how you start honouring your future self. This is how you make your future self proud of you, proud of all the decisions you have made. Yes, in the current moment it will suck to make those decisions and "sacrifices" but in all honestly, it's just a total mind shift. Once you shift your state of mind; your state of self, you will see how natural and easy those decisions were to make. Because they are already APART OF YOU. Watch my video below to see what else I have to say on this topic. This truly is a journey of self discovery and it will always start with you and the decisions/action you make TODAY. Make your future self proud.

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Lots of Love, - Alexandra


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