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Stop Repelling Everything You Want By Begging | Developing Self-Confidence

"Don't chase, don't beg, don't stress, don't be desperate, just relax. When you relax, it will come to you. Make your wants, want you." - unknown

STOP BEGGING FOR EVERYTHING YOU WANT FROM PEOPLE WHO YOU THINK WILL GIVE IT TO YOU! Let's face it, we all have been there and all know of people who have begged for something to come into their lives or to stay in their lives. We feel powerless in those moments, thinking that someone or something greater out there will feel sorry for how you are feeling and grant you a wish just like that for that thing that you want. We all know that that doesn't work and even if it does, that thing or someone won't end up staying in our lives for long, once again bringing us into this desperate energy of: "No, please don't go away. Stay! Stay! Stay!"


What people don't realize is that when you are in that desperate energy of either bringing something into your life or wanting it to stay, you are literally repelling those exact things away from you, subconsciously saying: "I'm not good enough for this. I somehow have to convince this thing/someone to stay or come into my life." When that is false, you are GOOD enough for those exact things to come into your life, you just haven't woken up to the truth of it yet. Here are some examples of what I am talking about: Let's say you are single and you desperately want to be in a loving relationship because everyone around is in one and/or your time is ticking and you just feel like you need to "settle down" ( a condition/brule made up by society FYI ) So you get yourself out there, you go on date after date and you tell everyone around you how much you want a relationship. The desperation is literally leaking all around you.

If you have kept up with me or are into the metaphysical ideas, you would understand that everything is energy.

So when you are leaking this desperate energy around you and you go on date after date, the other person is picking up that energy and transferring the data into: "This person believes she/he's not good enough to be in a relationship. They may suffocate me once I enter this relationship with so much desperate love and attention. Hmm.. yeah that's a no for me" Concluding with just one date from that person and never hearing back from them again.


People don't like the taste, sound, feel and touch of desperation. People don't like to be in control of you, or have power over you. Think about it, when you are desperate of love or anything at all, you are giving your energy and power away to someone who is "greater" and although most of us think that we like to have power over someone, that is indeed false. If you are dating someone or work with someone who enjoys having power over you, you are with a narcissist as their energy also comes from desperation to be seen/heard but they feel powerful when they have power over other people.

"I don't believe in hope. Hope is a beggar. Hope walks through the fire, faith leaps over it." - Jim Carrey

Most people, don't enjoy the feeling of having more power than someone else. People like to know that you are on the same level as them, with confidence, self esteem, self awareness etc. People like to know that they have their own backs while you have your own and when both of you combine in that energy, you create a lot of power together resulting in achieving your goals/dreams/desires. The same goes for when you want to be seen/rewarded at work because your current boss isn't giving you any validation that you are doing a great job. Now of course, we love to hear praise from other people and do an even better job when we do hear praise but truth is, you don't NEED to hear it. Your own praise/confidence should be validation enough for you that you are GOOD ENOUGH!


Because begging for that validation just repels the exact thing you want to have! But when you start building the self confidence that you are doing an amazing job, you're a quick learner etc. your energy starts to pull people in and you will find people starting to compliment you, even though you will feel like you don't necessarily need it anymore, because you got your own back.

"Stop chasing people. If they block you, cut off contact, ignore you.. let them go. Let those who naturally gravitate to you enjoy your energy. We spend too much time begging for those who wouldn't blink twice at the thought of you. Cherish those who are there by choice, and not there because you chased them every time they decided to escape." - Unknown

So whether you beg in your head, while you pray or even beg to other people to give you want you need, this ultimately needs to stop because you won't get want you want and if you do, it definitely won't stay long. Building the inner dialogue in your head is key. It's the way to get what you want easily, effortlessly and smoothly.

Watch my video below for more details regarding this and how you can start to develop that inner dialogue with yourself.

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