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Stop Seeking Validation From Others | Trust Your Inner Guidance

"If you are going to trust one person, let it be yourself." - Robert Tew

Whenever we are in the midst of making any kind of decision (literally to what home in what area to buy to what colour of that shirt/dress/socks to buy), most of us are so programmed to always ask others what they think to validate that we were RIGHT in the decision we originally made. Unfortunately this is how we have been programmed into being ever since we were children. Parents, caregivers and teachers always making us doubt our decisions.

As children it was natural for us to trust our decisions that we were making and going forward with like going straight into the mud and playing in it because hey it looks fun or drawing on the wall because it is looking a little dull lol. I know that not all those decisions maybe were right or made our parents happy but nonetheless, we trusted our intuition not asking our parents or anyone else for their opinion or validation.

We only learned that later on when our parents, caregivers or teachers got angry at us for the decisions we made, making us second guess ourselves.

We must stop going to people to justify our decisions for us, people see their reality and their own perspective through THEIR OWN sense of reality. You are allowed to think, behave and believe differently depending on what is benefiting your life.

but you absolutely know the perfect decision you must make, you do not have to chat with others to give you the "validation" that you need, as this can end up doing is really swaying you off your course from the life you truly want to experience and live out.

"Trust yourself, not others walk on your path, not others view your perspective. Be faithful, do not give excuses. Try to give your best, time will evolve your hopes to peak." - unknown

Understand that everyone outside of you sees things a lot differently and has had different experiences which will affect their worldview on different areas of life. So one person can truly believe that a certain business decision is super risky because of all they have experienced but another person may think that it is the perfect opportunity to make that business decision because of their own life experience.

So which one do you do?

And that is the beautiful question that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE can answer for you. :) Fun huh? Since most of us want to get the validation from others but at the end of the day, you must only RELY on yourself and your own beautiful genius intuition.

As much as we would like to get approval and validation from others, it will always reflect THEIR own experience and why would you want to possibly experience something they have? because its safe? because it is a road more commonly traveled on?

"Don't underestimate yourself, instead feel proud of your achievements. Remember you have the potential to change the world. Use that potential and change the future of the world." - Abesh Chakrabarty

But how do you know that is the best option for you when you listen to others when you feel deep down in yourself that you need to do the opposite from what others are saying? This is when I can't emphasis enough that you need to follow what your own inner guidance is telling you to do. If you feel it, you need to go down that path because it is based on your own inner reality and your own experience and you have to trust that.

The people who don't and follow what others tell them are the ones who often time regret it and wonder what it would of been like if they went down the road they originally chosen, and that is just something I would never want to live with and most people wouldn't either.

Now let me make something clear, if you are doubting yourself and you ask someone for their opinion and it sways you in such a way where you absolutely feel like that is the right thing to do, then go for it. I am not saying never to listen to anyone but you MUST trust your inner guidance FIRST. As your inner guidance always know the right way to go and the more you practice getting in tune with it, following it the more it will grow stronger in which ways to go in the future.

"Trust yourself. Believe you have a unique destiny to fulfill." - Candy Paull

Always trust yourself first, the more you practice listening to your intuition, the less doubts will come into your head. Remember other people outside of you have a completely different reality based on their own experiences and that can either hurt you or really build you up. You'll always know which one of the two is best as your guidance will always direct you.

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