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The Balance of Rewarding Yourself & Self Discipline | Don't Cross The Line

"Self -discipline is when your conscience tells you to do something and you don't talk back." - W.K. Hope

REWARDING YOURSELF VS. SELF-DISCIPLINE, Regarding my post from about two weeks ago (link here: Stop Punishing Your Future Self | Time to Level Up) I got some people mention and saw: "Well, it is important to reward your current self and enjoy the present moment." I wanted to touch on this because in my initial post, I never said about how honouring your future self, you are instead punishing your current self. Which isn't true but I can see why some people can come to that conclusion. The truth is, this is all about MIND SET or how you SHIFT your MIND in order to see the things you are doing currently in rewarding your future self, is actually also pleasant enough to enjoy in the current moment. See, when you think that you are restricting yourself in the current moment (this can be from anything, saving money, not eating junk food, cutting back on watching TV etc.) then your mind will automatically go:

"I can see you are hurting doing this, so I am going to make your craving for whatever that much bigger, so that you eventually stop what you are doing and go back to what you are missing out on." Anyone who brings themselves into that mind set of: "Oh I am missing out." "This is such a struggle." "I hate that I am doing this." "Why am I putting myself through this." "I am punishing myself and I can't enjoy anything right now, this sucks." You will always lose! You will never go through the required change in order to get to your goal and achieve whatever it is you want. You are making the caving grow SO BIG that you are bound to go back to your usual habits, which most people end up doing. If you literally start to shift your mind to: "I really like this change." "I enjoy the fact that I am saving towards my goals" "Day by day I am getting closer to my desires." "I can't wait to start seeing the benefits of all work." "Change is coming, this is so exciting. "My future self is going to be so proud of myself when I was going through all of this." When you switch up the talk, your mind starts to lower the cravings and habits you use to have because of the wording you are using on yourself. Your mind will start to go: "wow, she/he really likes this and quite enjoys this. Awesome!! I will continue making this new habit easier and easier for them."

This is exactly how you start shifting your perspective so that your new habits become easier for you to adapt to and launch you forward to your goals that much closer. Don't think of it as punishment but as an honour to yourself. Now of course, I do believe in balance but it depends what you reward yourself on. I don't believe in rewarding yourself on your bad habits as then these will never go away. For example, if you are trying to lose weight and have made up your mind to stay away from junk food and sugar, a nice reward for yourself would be a hot bubble bath after an intensive workout, a massage you can get from your partner or pay for one or even learning a new recipe that is HEALTHY and will satisfy your sweet tooth (yes, they do exist) Or if you are trying to save some money and not spend all the time, reward yourself by cooking at home with your loved one, going to a park and spending quality time with your spouse or friends, going somewhere free and enjoying the night.

Of course one can look at these alternatives and still think: "I am punishing myself." but again, you won't win with that mentality. Start seeing the good you are doing by limiting your bad habits and replacing them with good ones and you surely will start to enjoy the process and your new changes. The faster you can start thinking this way, the faster you will implement these changes and the faster you will get to your goals. Watch my video below as I discuss how you can start shifting your mindset, so that you can in fact see that you indeed are rewarding yourself in the current moment by implementing these correct changes.

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lots of love, - Alexandra


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