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The Importance of Healing Your Inner Child | Your Wounded Self

"You may have a more grown up body and more life experience but you are every bit as precious. Love yourself as if you are the most precious thing in the world. Because you are." INNER CHILD most of you have heard it, most of you may have an idea what people are referring to but I don't believe most people truly understand how critical it is to connect and heal your inner child. Breaking it down, we come to this world as blank canvases (our minds) and we look up to the people who are taking care of us, who teach us and are apart of our lives (our tribe) to make a better understanding of this world and how we need to operate in order to survive.

We know we all come into this world with a keen sense of curiosity, happiness and playfulness. We think, we wonder, we laugh, we connect and we are eager to learn, which makes it great to really fast track our learning and coping in this world. But you see, MOST of us do grow up with a damaged part of us; our inner child. Whatever you have experienced in the past, whatever you have went through or heard is now ingrained in your subconscious mind and based on what you learned your subconscious mind will RE-CREATE those states and reality because it believes it is a beneficial thing for YOUR SURVIVAL. Our mind doesn't understand whether something is labeled as "bad" or "good" and frankly it doesn't care about it either, what your mind cares about and it's most important job - IT'S TO KEEP YOU SAFE. So, let's say when you were younger, a teacher picked on you quite frequently, asked you for the right answer in front of the whole class and you couldn't get the correct answer or you simply didn't know. Based on how you felt then, (most kids would feel embarrassed, made fun of or humiliated) you made up your mind that it doesn't feel great when you have 30 plus people looking at you when you speak.

Your mind will now do EVERYTHING to keep you away from speaking in front of groups of people, making presentations or anything that has to do with a large crowd of people and you are the main focus. WHY? Because your mind felt threatened back in sixth grade and because it never wants you to feel that way again, it will make you feel sick, anxious and nervous so that you never ever speak in front of groups again. There are ways around this, there are ways to heal your inner child so that you don't feel that way again. (link here for my info and hypnosis sessions) Healing your inner child is a must in these kinds of cases because this is when the "issue/block/trauma" first started, it is the very blue print of this problem. One of the most beneficial ways in healing your inner child is re-connecting with them.

I always tell my clients, close your eyes and picture yourself as a small child (about the age when you first dealt with this problem) and go back to him/her. Become the parent you always needed to that child and wrap your arms around him/her/. Start telling him/her in your mind that what happened wasn't fair, it was wrong for the teacher (or whomever it was) to have treated you that way. Tell your inner child, that that won't ever ever happen again and that you don't need to be afraid anymore to speak in front of people. You are older now, you don't ever need to feel that way because now you know the answers to give to people, you know the kind of presentations you are giving to the audience. Tell your inner child the most positive things you always needed to hear. Tell them how great, how wonderful they are, that they make a great speaker and people will applaud them for their speech/presentation. Keep filling up your inner child with the positivity and motivation and you will soon realize that you won't feel anxious anymore presenting in front of people, or you will be more confident, or you will attract beautiful and healthy relationships. Whatever the issue/block is, you can heal it through your inner child, but you must connect first. Fill your inner child with love, happiness and confidence and you will see it bloom within yourself. watch my video below to get the auditory version of this and also to see one of my own traumas that I healed using this technique.

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