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The Reasons Behind People Who Prefer Animals to Humans | Trauma Healing

"Everything "out there" is YOU. You are one with everything. One with God. One with all other human beings. One with the Earth. One with life itself, in all its forms." - Neale Donald Walsch

THE ANIMAL VS HUMAN CONNECTION this is something we all have heard of and even can be one to have a side on, or you may be the rare few who see both sides. Throughout my life growing up I was certainly exposed to people who did in fact have a side, whether they were an animal person or more of a human connection person. I certainly had my own and that was of course, animal connection. I found safety, love and trust in my animal connections. I grew up with a couple cats, dogs, birds, fish, hamsters and even horses now in my life, and I always found it easier to connection with animals. Which I understand why some people may say: "I hate ( I dislike that word; hate - ugh) humans, I just LOOOOVEEE animals so much. Animals to humans ANY DAY."

it's because many, many of those people were hurt by other people and animals for them were always a place of comfort, healing and love. I went through this phase myself, when I was younger, I was bullied, made fun of, back stabbed, cheated on etc. I had the whole works when it came to me trusting people in my life and they would somehow back stab me, leave me alone and never talk to me again.

- My nervous system found human beings as a threat. -

I learned to mistrust everyone, all kinds of people, which made me feel VERY alone and the human nervous system DISLIKES that feeling so then it searches for another way to connect to something that is alive. We dislike that feeling of feeling alone because our subconscious mind, based on our evolution - thinks of this as this is how you get kicked out of the tribe. & remember we are TRIBE people, we feel SAFE in a TRIBE. So because of a lot of hurt and damaged people hurting everyone (subconsciously) we end up with a lot of people thinking that people are evil, angry and cannot be trusted thus only allowing pets into our lives. I understand this, as again this is something I went through myself but subconsciously we still yearn to connect with humans, after all we are HUMANS wanting a HUMAN CONNECTION.

So if you were hurt and disappointed by a lot of people in your early life and still experience this today, it is because your nervous system was trained to see people a certain way and expect them to behave a particular way, which is what you will always experience because your mind was trained to see humans that way. It goes the same for when people who dislike animals and don't trust them. Let's say a child was bitten by a dog quite badly, they will grow up with a fear of dogs. They grow into adults always bad talking dogs, not understanding how some people love and have dogs as pets and will never go around dogs for this reason. These are the people that always happen to meet dogs who are aggressive or continuously bark viciously at them. All this is the nervous system (subconscious mind) proving themselves right, that animals are bad and cannot be trusted or vice versa. Now you may be thinking: "Okay well if this all has come through my subconscious mind, how can I start training it otherwise." When you understand that your expectations of these people/animals have made it so then you have learned the key to all of this. You need to start EXPECTING that all the people that you meet are loving, trusting, honest and humble people. YES THIS WILL FEEL WEIRD and almost like a lie, but you need to start training yourself to see the opposite of want you use to experience because this is how your nervous system will start leading you to individuals who represent those qualities you are in search of.

You must start trusting this process and understanding that it will take some time before your subconscious mind will start accepting humans to be in a loving and kind way. (link: to my hypnotherapy to speed up this process and find the root causes of your mistrust) Remember you are connected to everything in this world, both animals and humans. Most animals and humans who have expressed aggressive qualities are all once hurt before and also learned not to trust other individuals and the only way to start healing is by developing SAFE connections both with animals and humans. Love everything always. Watch my video below on the Animal Vs. Human Connection & how you can start to heal your wounds.

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lots of love, - Alexandra


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