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There's No Benefit From Being A Skeptic | Lessons From Your Subconscious

"You can go wrong by being too skeptical as readily as by being too trusting." - Robert A. Heinlein Soooooooooo MANY of us learn to question LITERALLY everything and anything (which is a good thing ;) Did I make you think that line was going to say how questioning everything is bad? Lol) That is how we start off our evolution by questioning everything. *Cue childhood memory from car rides* Child: "Mooooooom, are we THERE yet?!" Mom: "No, sweetie. Not yet." Child: "BUT WHY??!!" Mom: "Because we only left 5 mins ago and it takes an hour or so to get there." Child: "BUT WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?" hah, you get the idea. Most of us annoyed our parents with the whole: "BUT WHY" thing going on.


Asking questions in our lives is the only way we start to learn things, understand things and begin to reason different philosophies etc. It' s a great thing and it truly shapes our mind. I remember being a child and thinking about life all day, asking questions to myself to ponder about. It was actually a very good, interesting time in my life during that stage of development. Thing about skepticism is when it turns into everything that everyone else thinks, says or does is an immediate NO for you. Someone tells you a great idea that they have and you immediately reject it because you have no absolute data on that subject or matter, so its easy for you to reject it and say it is impossible. You find someone who has a FANTASTIC relationship that most people fond over, and you are one who just seems to go from one toxic relationship to another. So you get with this person and start asking them questions about what makes their relationship so great and how has it been working for that many years. They tell you their "magic" secret of their success BUT because you have never experienced an amazing relationship before, you quickly shake your head and say: "Nope, that is impossible. You are just LUCKY!"


This applies to anything as for people who are very very skeptical will find a fault in ANYTHING that someone has success in. They will call it, luck, just the right moment, they were brought up in the right household etc.

"We must be skeptical even of our own skepticism." - Bertrand Russell

When really all it is, the people around you who are making it and rocking it out there in this world are just open minded. They developed a healthy sense of skepticism only being cautious and curious over the right things. Mostly the things that they really want to change in their lives and learn from others how to do so.


And when you are that person who says strictly NO to everything, I get that it most likely comes from being burned in the past numerous times where your nervous system doesn't accept "new" concepts too easily anymore because it is afraid of getting hurt again. But when we learn how to be a healthy skeptic, we can ask the questions we are curious about, we can ponder and think about how that would look in our daily lives if we accepted this new habit or belief, and then decide for ourselves whether we would like to try it out in our own lives. It's about being open, it's about saying yes, not immediately but with some thought and consideration on how that would look like for you. Remember, not everything OUT THERE is bad and a potential "threat" to you. It's all about how you perceive things and how others perceive them as well. Creating the ultimate, happy, joyous life means having an open mind, mean saying yes to things that feel slightly comfortable and it means changing yourself if you are currently unhappy. Watch my video below as I go further into this topic and discuss how a healthy skeptic looks like.

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