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Trust Your Intuition | Don't Be Swayed By Others

"Intuition is a sense of knowing how to act spontaneously, without needing to know why." - Sylvia Clare

DON"T ALWAYS BELIEVE WHAT OTHERS TELL YOU I know this is something that most have probably heard and some of you may think: "Well, shouldn't I? Shouldn't I trust more people?" But believing and trust in my opinion are TWO different things. You can trust someone but you don't ALWAYS have to believe everything they tell you (I know some of you may still be scratching your head at that one. Just think about some of the people that you know and trust, sometimes when they tell you things; your gut will immediately go "Nope! Not letting this in." And that's completely okay!) One of my favourite Buddhists quotes really summarized what I want to talk about:

BASICALLY, don't even believe what I am saying if it truly doesn't agree with your OWN common sense. EVEN if MOST PEOPLE BELIEVE ME, or believe in something else. I know some of you still may be like: "well, what if it's true 100% and its backed by science etc." Well, some people just aren't ready to accept a certain belief EVEN if there is proof about it AND THAT'S OKAY!!! Remember, we only perceive and accept what's in our world based on our beliefs systems. Whatever we believe, we live. There is no other way around it.

Think about ALL the beliefs you currently have and see how much weight they actually DO have on YOUR LIFE CURRENTLY. Reviewing this is SO important and it's one of the ways to then start questioning ourselves; if we truly want to keep a certain belief with us along our path, even if others agree with it or not. You must constantly check with your gut, if what someone is saying feels right, if it does - GREAT! and if it doesn't, THAT'S OKAY TOO!! You don't need to accept it.

This doesn't go to say though, when someone is saying how amazing you are, you have so much potential and that you can totally go after and start your business. You may feel in you gut: "omg, YES! YES! I feel it. I know I can make it and totally can do it." and then quickly after, have a gut wrenching pain in your stomach followed by thoughts: "You're kidding right? You starting a business? HA! Ya right... you won't ever make it."

THIS, this is different then a gut feeling. This is just called self sabotage. A gut feeling comes instinctively, comes RIGHT AWAY to warn you whether you are about to walk into a forest with a tiger in it feeling. The INITIAL excited feeling is what you are looking for to back you up whether you should: a) Believe someone b) Do something that you have been thinking a lot about. c) Make a huge change in your life. I wanted to write this post initially for people who CONSTANTLY go to others seeking advice about their own lives, when people have their own beliefs and perceptions about what you should and shouldn't do. A lot of these people are those we love and trust. It doesn't mean they are necessarily wrong, because that is their own life experience they are projecting out to you; but it's one you DON'T HAVE TO ACCEPT!! And I don't think you should. Start going within yourself to see what feels right, what sounds good TO YOU and ONLY YOU!! Since your intuition is ALWAYS leading you to the right places, to the right people - exactly what you need to learn to get you from point a to point b. Watch my video below as I go into more details about how you shouldn't always run to the first person you see seeking advice and how to start trusting yourself more.

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Lots of love, - Alexandra


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