Tune In | Feel & Experience With ALL Your Senses

"It is not enough to notice the beautiful flowers as you walk past them. You need to reach for their soft petals, feel their essence, remember what it is to grow." - Christy Ann Martine

YOUR SENSES are all there for you to fully embrace and experience this life we have right in front of us. Most of us always say quite the opposite when we start a "spiritual" journey. To become enlightened one must avoid the outside world and to just go in. Thing is as true as it is to go within yourself and experience this almighty being that is YOU; experiencing through your senses and actually being with them is just another way and important part of the spiritual journey.

We came here to this Earth, to experience the physical, to be one with it and to learn about it. We were given our senses so that we can truly enjoy smelling, touching, hearing, tasting and seeing. It is there all FOR YOU!! For you to completely enjoy everything you are experiencing, RIGHT HERE - RIGHT NOW!!! But that is the thing, when we get TOO much inside our own heads, we totally forget or don't appreciate what is going on in THIS CURRENT MOMENT. For example, you may be reading this on your computer and phone, drinking a beverage of your choice (whether that's tea or coffee), sitting in your favourite chair, possibly outside or inside.

I advise you, RIGHT NOW! TUNE IN!!

JUST NOW "How does it feel like?" Tune into it. If you are drinking something, actually tune into what you are drinking. Is it warm? Cold? What are the subtle hints of flavour your get when you slowly drink it down. What's the after taste like? Tune into it. How does the chair you are currently sitting in feel like? Stiff? Soft? Comfortable? Warm? Cold? Tune into it. If you are inside or outside, look and embrace all your surroundings, actually take them in.

And if you are reading this post, actually be with it. Read every single word and see what resonates with you and what doesn't.

IT IS ALL HERE FOR YOU TO EXPERIENCE!! This WHOLE WIDE BEAUTIFUL WORLD and all the small things in it, is just here for you. So truly enjoy and be with it. You may notice things you never noticed before and this is one of the most simplest ways to actually start living a happier life. You cannot be unhappy while embracing, experiencing and enjoying every single moment with whatever is right in front of you. After all, you did create that experience. It is here ALL FOR YOU. To understand more on what I mean, how to do this or HOW this can bring you such simple joys and happiness in life. Watch my video below as I explain in more detail.

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