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Tuning into Your Feelings | Understanding Your Emotions

"Our emotions need to be as educated as our intellect. It is important to know how to feel, how to respond, and how to let life in so that it can touch you." TUNE INTO YOURSELF Feeling emotions, getting to UNDERSTAND them instead of dismissing them or reacting as soon as they come up is SUCH a crucial and beneficial practice. Yet we do otherwise. WHY? Because we weren't taught otherwise; we were taught to react based on how we were feeling in the current moment and to lash out our emotions towards others and the situation at hand.

So beginning to understand your emotions is the first step to healing yourself and living in a peaceful way. I always tell my clients, don't DISMISS negative emotions (most of us think: "OH NO!! I feel angry/sad/frustrated etc. I have to replace it right away with something positive and ignore the feeling") *POOF* And you think it goes away? Nope. It gets stored in our bodies, and our bodies tend to hold onto those emotions until we let them go. Holding onto them usually creates disease in our bodies, WHY? well because you feel DIS-EASE. Get it?

You MUST LET GOOOOOO of those emotions. First recognize them for what they are, you feel sad? Cool. Accept it. Cry it out if you must (ain't not shame in that!) And now start asking yourself questions like: ​"Why do I feel sad?" Allow the response to come, sometimes it doesn't come RIGHT AWAY but allow it to come whenever it does.If it doesn't come up, don't get frustrated. Just let it go, your brain works on solving the answer. When the response comes up, try to give those things yourself instead of asking others to give them to you. Once the response comes. "Ohh I feel sad because this current situation reminded me of when this and that happened to me" Process and think wisely about what happened and how maybe you did in fact react silly to the current situation based on your past situation. Now observe the similarities between those situations and ask what triggered that response in you. Now, ask yourself: "What do I need?" Do you need a hug, some praise for yourself, a glass of water, a walk in the park? Ask yourself and the intuitive answer WILL come up!

When it comes from you, it is a lot more genuine and we respond better when we give love to ourselves. And sometimes it takes people to get sick in order to start realizing to how much negative emotions they have swallowed whole and not process and let go. Watch my video below, as I go into more detail and how you can go about doing this! ​

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Lots of love, -Alexandra


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