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Uncovering Your Mask

"She threw away all her masks, and put on soul." - unknown. Guess what? We all wear masks, each and every single one of us. These masks aren't because we are being "fake" but because we all have been through something that makes us put those masks on to protect us from some trauma we all have experienced. We keep those masks on because we often are scared to show who we really are and how we really feel. Those masks at those times have protected us and in a way hold a shield up to anyone who is trying to "hurt" us. When we all realize that each & every one of us have been through something that made us put some kind of persona on that we call ourselves then in reality, it makes the world a lot safer for us to be who we really are. So I challenge you, take your mask off today and be YOU, the you that still sits scared in your mind that holds you back in certain situations. Yes, it will be scary but it will be worth it. It will be worth it when you realize that you truly don't need your mask anymore. That people will love and appreciate you for the person you came into this world to be. It is SAFE to be you.

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- Alexandra


It is normal to wonder what I am talking about and to even PROTECT your mask because you have identified with it for so long, but if you feel like there is something deeper that you have been craving & you know you aren't truly living the life you want.

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Lots of Love xo

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