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Walking Off The Beaten Path | Dream Life Creation

"Walking off the beaten path will open up a world of beautiful possibilities." - Unknown

We are all use to taking the same paths; the same journeys to get to our same goals. How honestly BORING. & I know how that can sound to so many who have walked the same path to get to the same places, it is probably a big trigger as most people would think: "How could she say something like that?! I have invested so much of my energy, time and money into this path to get to where I am now. If anything I am happy that I succeeded at something."

& honestly good on you. But how many of us have the same stories, same goals, same achievements, same relationships?!? It's honestly like one person woke up and created a road map to THE PERFECT LIFE and all of took that map and reused it. Where are the adventures?

The rebels?

The outcasts?

The brave? I know they exist because once in a blue moon I will meet someone who has created their own map to their success & I also know deep down inside each and every single one of you, that rebel exists and has dreamt many times about taking the off beaten path, but most have been way to scared.

"The echos of my foot steps grow louder with each step I travel off the beaten path." - unknown

Now this over used path isn't bad and I am not here to criticize it, because no one in our world has ever entertained the little genius who wonders, creates, envisions and dreams to wake up, to live and to try something different.


because different is "SCARY". *Cue common excuses, beliefs and fears: >> You may fail.

>> You may get a broken heart.

>> You may die alone. >> You may be poor. >> You may lose everything. >> We know better because we are older.


Yes, these myths have come mostly from our parents, grandparents and society trying to protect poor us, because we do not know the way and we haven't experienced enough life to know everything about it.

I get that our parents meant well and didn't know what they were doing when telling us what career we should do, who to marry and generally how to ACE AT LIFE.

But people, there are other ways.


"Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

That your soul has dreamt of, that you have felt an urge to quit everything you were doing to try something new, to try the adventure that life has to offer us. I know you have felt that because I have many, many times and just beginning to test out this little genius; adventurer and creator out. I am beginning to let her out.

Now, if you are truly happy with the path you have taken and truly believe that it's the one for you, no harm feelings what so ever (not many people have to resonated with this, but most likely if you have stuck around reading, you probably understand exactly what I am talking about it because you have FELT it!) I know as I have mentioned before, we once in a while meet someone who sees the world completely different and their path has been full of adventures, full of unknown and excitement and those are the people that will sit around the camp fire telling you so many amazing and beautiful stories, as we admire them in awe and then we think:

"If only I had the will." "If only I just went for it." "If only I was brave." "If only I had more support." "If only I had enough money." "If only I was young again." If only.

If only.

Well I'm telling you, you curious soul that you don't need to ponder anymore, you don't need to give yourself excuses anymore. Just because you have taken the over used map and road to your so called "goal", doesn't mean it's too late.

The beautiful thing about taking the off beaten road, is that you can take it ANY TIME; like NOW! You can literally decide to stop following the school of fish and go to where your inner genius; your inner adventurer is telling you to go.

You are free. Absolutely no one is bounding you to the life you have created thus far, everything can change if you only decide and have the courage to go forth.

You can be the one sitting around the camp fires telling those around you who look at you in awe about the wonderful stories that you have created because you took the less travelled path.

"The road less traveled, the path less explored, leads you to new dimensions, sets you up for new goals. Opens your heart to new capabilities." - Priya

You totally can do this & I am totally cheering you on. I live for those people who have the no ordinary stories, I cannot wait to meet them and hear the travels they have taken to the life that gives them purpose and full happiness.

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Follow your inner light folks.

No one can tell you which way to go, you know the way. Just trust it.

Lots of love,

Alexandra xox


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