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Who's in YOUR Tribe?

"Your vibe attract your tribe."

The sorts of people we surround ourselves with is SO important! They literally influence the way we live, think and behave! When you are on your journey of self discovery and self improvement; it is SO important to distance yourself from negative people in your life and start creating space for the positive ones to come in! & trust me - THEY WILL COME! It is easy to feel as though..... "If I separate myself from these people that I have come so accustom to and associated myself with for years, I will be lonely. I don't want to be alone" BUT that's exactly why that is one big fallacy. You won't be ALONE! You are surrounded by thousands and thousands of people who on some level are seeking the same types of people on the same wavelength! Plus once you start your self discovery, you will truly appreciate the moments where you can bask in your own light, your own presence. This moment is yours and only yours; to be in and connected with. It is a chance to understand your own thoughts without everyone else's opinion. Please give yourself courage at the time of self improvement and distance yourself from those who truly don't feel good and you will eventually find those who will benefits your life in ways you have never imagined. It is inevitable! Watch my video below for more on what I have to say about this.

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Lots of Peace & JOY ! xo

- Alexandra


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