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WHY You Just Can't LET GO of Fights | Relationship Talk

"Some people come into our lives just to teach you how to let go." LETTING GO is honestly said over and over again with A LOT of different things in our lives, which is quite smart and necessary to learn from. Specifically when we enter romantic RELATIONSHIPS !! Most of them are there to honestly and truly teach us about OURSELVES ! I know among the years of my dating life, I have entered a lot of toxic relationships to learn about myself (I wasn't aware of this at the time) and grow so that I can meet the person who I really am suppose to be with; and make a beautiful relationship with. So, specifically talking about (because let's face it - WE ALL HAVE BEEN THERE) when we get into certain fights or arguments with our partners and they do eventually sincerely apologize but WE just don't want to let it go. WHY?!

Most of us think it is because our partners hurt us SO BAD (sometimes this is really the case, but I am mostly talking about maybe something that was said or done that was small and triggered something in you) and even though, they have apologized, we are mad enough to hold it against them thinking they are the cause of the hurt.

When really... it is your deeply rooted issues coming to surface.

90% of the time, when you can't let go of a past argument, it is because there is something deeper than the argument itself.

It is something that you need to start ASKING YOURSELF:

WHY did this cause me pain?

WHAT is this trying to teach me?

WHAT does this situation remind me of?

WHAT do I really need?

If you have noticed, in the past couple of articles, I talk about asking yourself questions A LOT because this is the process of really, truly getting to know ourselves and understand what our needs are.

When you start doing this, you will start to realize that it might have not truly been what your partner has said or done to you but in actuality what it reminded you that hurt you A LONG TIME AGO!

All of our issues that keep coming up, are always something tied into what we learned as kids and programmed into our minds that:

"Well.. this is just the way it is. Life is unfair." etc.

And subconsciously, you will keep playing that same ol' story over and over again. When you have those insecurities/issues/traumas come to surface, accept what it is trying to teach you, understand that you are not the same person anymore and it is NOT the same situation anymore.

And then ask yourself what do YOU need as an individual to start healing yourself from that experience, and then LET IT GO! If you keep holding onto it, it is like you are suffocating yourself and your relationship.

Also understand, that this "issue" only came up in the relationship to teach you something about yourself. Once you accept this, you can let it go and move on. If you are having trouble understanding what is holding you back in this constant loop of having trouble to forgive and continuously arguing, then reach out here and let us see using life coaching or hypnosis what your subconscious mind holds onto. Invest in yourself, invest in your relationship.

To understand more about this, and how to get over it. Watch my video below.

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