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Words Create Your Reality | Become Aware Now

"Choose the words you say to yourself wisely; they are creating your reality." - Sean Stephenson

In this day and age, I know most of you have heard the above phrase on how our words create our reality. But here we are again, no matter how many times we have heard something in a book, on a pod cast or some advice piece by a successful person.

We don't truly understand the impact that our words have on OURSELVES.

I have always grown up to be really affected by someones words and my own. They have always held a lot of weight as the words that are being spoken are literally creating your very reality. Someone calls you dumb enough times, you end up believing you are dumb and thus creating scenarios for yourself to prove yourself (your mind) right!

"Don't let someone else's opinion of you become your reality." - Les Brown

Someone calls you smart and successful enough times, you end up believing just that and thus creating amazing opportunities and experiences to prove yourself and your mind right! Now again, even with this short bit that was written above, you can seem to understand just how that works; agree on some level and go on with your day. Completely forgetting this information and going back to your routine daily habits. Subconsciously saying to yourself the worst things, listening to others who criticize and judge you, creating the same experiences over and over again. I know you want different. I know you also DESERVE different. You deserve the best, you deserve to be happy, live a life filled with love and to do what you love the most.

WE ALL DESERVE THAT! So why doesn't that happen?

Again, it's in the words that we repeat to ourselves daily CONSCIOUSLY and SUBCONSCIOUSLY! Especially subconsciously as we live our life from the subconscious mind 95% of the time.. Wowza. So, how do you do the switch subconsciously? How do you start creating a different world and reality for yourself other than the one you continuously experience.

"Your very existence is evidence of your innate creativity. In every moment you are co-creating your reality through thoughts, your intentions, your words and your actions." - Deepak Chopra

You must become aware. You must become super focused on who you spend your time with, the words that are being said and most importantly what you say to yourself on a daily basis. So some people go off and create affirmations, thinking: "OKAY! amazing. I will list the things I DO want to experience and repeat these new statements of truth." Thing is most people DO NOT believe those affirmations to be true. Most people give up too quickly and go back to what is normal for them. That is how strong our subconscious is.

That is your battle.

You must overcome it, meaning saying the statements of truth with SUCH power and integrity that no matter what is going on currently, you simply ignore that facade and decide what your reality SHOULD look like. Have faith that that reality will come so because you are focusing so much on that, that it has no choice but to come to fruition.

& you must repeat those statements on a daily basis, until your subconscious trains itself to repeat it for you without you doing it consciously. But that is the thing, most people think and believe that is too much work that they rather go back to what feels normal and comfortable for them.

"Once the subconscious mind accepts an idea, it beings to execute it" -unknown

DON'T BE THOSE PEOPLE. Be stronger than that. Battle out your subconscious and start creating a world you want to experience. Train yourself to create a reality you desire. It can be done and it can be yours. Your words create your reality. Remember that!

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