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You Already Have All the Things That You Want | Spiritual Awakening

"Everything you need, you already have." -Wayne Oates

You already have what you want.

Because of our social conditioning to this modern society, we are on the constant search for more, disregarding everything you already have. Especially since, when you finally receive the thing that you want, you quickly forget about it and move on to the next thing that you want. It's a brilliant way to act like in a consumer society but it takes a toll on our mental health, thinking we never have enough or we aren't at this magical place we should be at.

"The secret to having it all, is knowing you already do." - Unknown

For example, a fancy sports car, the most amazing relationships without any fights, all the modern accessories and gadgets, a huge fancy house, designers clothes etc. Everything you basically don't have right now that you desperately want to make yourself feel better and worthy.

The ironic thing is I beg to differ, I bet you already have the things that you truly want, they may just not be packaged in a way that you want it to (iPhone, Lamborghini, a mansion, Gucci purse) but they're packaged a bit differently.

See I recently heard an interview with Vishen Lakhiani and Elon Musks mom, and they mentioned how Elon Musk wondered if we could survive on a dollar a day and he realized he could if all he could buy was ramen soup, and for him that was an amazing realization.

" Manifesting is not about attracting what you want. Manifestation is an awareness and an understanding that you attract what you are." _ Wayne Dyer

I pondered that and I myself realized that that was absolutely correct, that when we truly break it down to what we REALLY ABSOLUTELY need for our survival is just food, shelter and water that absolutely anyone can afford that and it doesn't need to look like anything fancy, of course it is nice to have those things and there's nothing wrong with that but we need to make sure that those "things" don't end up owning us and our happiness.

When I was showering, I realized that I shower every single day and that is an absolute LUXURY. There are some people out there who probably cannot shower every single day, but maybe once a month. I started to see that in my humble way of living that I was actually living in absolute luxury. That I already am incredibly successful, have a wonderful relationship, have an amazing luxurious older car (haha) and that I indeed am living a luxurious life, I ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING I WANT.

Again, it may not be packaged in ways I still dream of getting those items but nonetheless, I don't have to freak out and say that my life isn't fair just because I don't have those items in a certain way. I still am living a luxurious life and I bet most of you are too!

"Match the frequency of what you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics." - Darryl Anka

If you can afford food every day, have a decent closet even with a few designer items or just one, have a roof over your head (however that home may look like), have a car or some way of transportation, can afford your basic needs and wants, and have an iPhone, Mac, hobbies etc. you have to come to terms that you my friend, HAVE A LUXURIOUS LIFE.


Think about the way those things make you feel, if you are truly tapping into the gratitude you can have for the things/people in your life, then you realize that those things you want make you feel exactly THE SAME WAY! So technically you have those things you want. ;)

"When you live for having it all, what you have is never enough." - Vicki Robin

Now the whole beautiful thing about this realization is that when you can fully and truly appreciate all the things and people in your life currently, you actually subconsciously open yourself up to the things you don't have quite yet, because simply they will add to your life with what you already have.

& what you already have is A LOT.

You don't need those extra things to make you feel a type of way, because you are surrounded by them in your life already. Wake up, look around you and realize just how rich and abundant you already are.

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Lots of love my rich & luxurious friends,

- Alexandra


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