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You Already Have The Seeds Within | Bloom into You

"Though we all have the seeds of fear and anger within us, we must learn not to water those seeds and instead nourish the positive qualities - those of compassion, understanding, and loving kindness." - Nhat Hanh

We all hold the seeds to every possibility, ability, quality and characteristic in us and it is up to us to open that beautiful garden up within so that it can become what we want it to be instead of what we accepted it to be.

If you think of yourself as a garden, you can understand the quality of your garden and what you chose to water in that garden which is the individual you became today.

At first when you come to this planet, the garden is very open to every possibility and it wants to know from the outside world what is the most important thing to grow which often time, we look up to our parents and caregivers to understand what we need to nourish in this garden.


Over time we learn based on our experiences and situations what seeds need tending to in our garden so that it can nourish and grow. If you are following along, you will start to understand that I am talking about our personality traits, our patterning towards relationships, career and society. All those started out as young seeds needing attention to mature into the ideas and beliefs we hold onto today.

"It takes time for seeds to begin growing within, time to understand and process, time for growth to mature, and time for the old self to die and fall away." - Bryant McGail

Some of us truly hold onto negative beliefs and ideas that are not benefiting our life today and those very people will sit and wonder what on earth is going on. How is it that some people get the life that is easy and flawless and some are stuck with unfortunate events all the time.

Again this has to do with your patterning; what you chose to grow in your garden.

But you do not have to continue growing those plants or weeds we can refer them to 😉 You can look at your life and see what has been growing that you no longer want to cultivate and decide what seeds you would like to start paying more attention to, so that they can raise into the beautiful flowers that they are.


It's really just as simple as looking at your reality and now deciding what qualities/characteristics you want to embody. What kind of life you would like to have. What kind of experiences you would like to realize.

"We all carry the seeds of greatness within us, but we need an image as a point of focus in order that they may sprout. " -Epicetus

Once you know all those things and the kind of life you want to experience, now its understanding what you need to believe/who you need to be to have those kind of experiences.

Do you have to believe that you are good enough? That you are smart enough? That you have enough confidence? That people all around you are supportive of you? That the kind of relationships you attract are ones that respect you, are loyal to you and love you?

THAT is your garden.

That is what YOU get to DECIDE !

All these ways to change your life in a drastic way are truly so simple but it is about being dedicated enough to stick through. As the old personality that knew the garden it was cultivating for years only knows ONE way and now that you are being a new person with a different personality, you are only beginning to know this person with their new garden, so all of this will take time.


& allow it to take the time that it needs. Allow yourself to go through these motions while being stubborn enough to keep growing and putting consciousness to the seeds you want to seee flourish.

"The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit."

All it takes is your energy. Stick through it and you will see your beautiful garden manifest. ✨

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May your garden be beautiful and only those flowers that you wish to experience be made manifest. 💐🌷🌼 - Alexandra xo


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