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You Can't Manifest It & Eat It Too | A Journey Of Having It All

"I'm not stopping until I manifest everything I said I would." - unknown.

HAVING IT ALL, We ALL deserve to have it all and be AMAZING in whatever area of life we wish to be and we definitely ALL ARE - whether you realize that or not ;) I know that talks about manifestations, the universe, law of attraction isn't new at all. Most of us have heard of it and either completely ignored it (because our nervous system does not agree with it) or have learned to accept it and become masters of it. Whether you believe it or not (I am not here to discuss this as that should be for another post and there is just A LOT of information about this subject that anyone can find - if you truly are ready for it) we MANIFEST. Yeeeep! We are all natural manifesters of absolutely anything and everything you want. Of course you will get people say: "UMM NOOO... I didn't want to get in a minor car accident today or spill my coffee all over my work clothes etc." I DIDN'T WANT THAT.

But you see, it doesn't MATTER if YOU WANT IT OR NOT. What matters is what deep subconscious beliefs you have about the world ( Which I help my clients GET AWARENESS of their baloney so that they can start to be in alignment of their true desires) and most people have really crappy beliefs about the world, society, relationship etc. that we actually end up manifesting "crappy" events in our lives. AGAIN, not here to discuss how this happens as this post I am reaching out to those people who know it to be true, who have tested this and finally are starting to see their results.

Because let's face it, it's a FANTASTIC FEELING. It can be slightly over-whelming in the beginning as sometimes what you have been working on to achieve, can happen so quickly that we don't know how to respond exactly. Let's say you have been wanting a certain job and you are not sure of how you will get it. Once the universe works it's magic and gets all the right correspondence in order, it can happen so fast all in ONE DAY that you are blessed with 5 different opportunities that day, thinking: "What in the world? Oh my goodness, this is SO AMAZING. But but but, what do I do? Who do I pick? Wow. Wow. Wow."




Thing is, we get used to that feeling of having it all one week to going to the next week - NOTHING - ZIP - NADA - NAY ! Where we think to ourselves: "What the hell? What did I do???? Universe, heeelllooooooooo what about all the other things I wanted??????? Where is all that stuff?!" Followed by wondering if we meditated enough that week or maybe we should go to a spiritual retreat in order to get your next desires.

Funny thing is, you have to remember a concept called time, and even thought you have no idea of when everything will happen, it definitely will not happen ALL IN ONE DAY! Think about everything you want and if you got all your desires in ONE DAY! You would have nothing to look forward to! You would get everything and be like: "Cooool... so what now?" It's like going to a all you can eat restaurant and eating everything your heart desires. Afterwards, we are left a satisfied but also like "ok, I am done Byeee" I want people to understand that when you do get that one thing you have been striving for, visualizing and tuning yourself into it, IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU AREN'T GOING TO GET ALL THE AWESOME OTHER STUFF! It's going to take some time, ENJOY what you have just received, savour it, be with it and be grateful it came and understand that all the other things are on their way to you and do not be so stuck on the time. Just allow it to happen and be ready for the next big thing. Because it definitely is coming. The fact you got what you have been wanting and it happened in an awesome way, is just a sign that all the other stuff is on it's way to you. Think of the universe as an awesome delivery person that sometimes delivers right away and other times takes the longer route to you because he/she got distracted by the pretty flowers on it's way to you. It's alll coming, believe and enjoy what you have now. Watch my video below, as I also explain another important factor of getting your next couple desires and one critical thing that most people forget about that they should be doing.

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lots of love, - Alexandra


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