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"You Don't Want It Bad Enough" | STOP Telling People This!

"Let your mind & heart rest for a while. You will catch up, the world will

not stop spinning for you , but you will catch up. Take a rest." - Cynthia Go

Helllllooooooooooo Folks ! Soo.. I have always heard the phrases: "You don't want it bad enough" Or.. "If you want it bad enough, you'll make it happen" Or even.. "You aren't trying hard enough"

And in a way it's always bothered me whenever I would hear it and even on occasion I would say it from time to time myself (Just because we repeat the things that we constantly hear over and over again) But... somewhere deep in myself, something told me that this is the WRONG this to say to people!

I understand where this comes from - to help inspire, motivate people and put a fire under your arse to get you to the things you want. But in all honesty.. this truly does the OPPOSITE for most people (if you are one of the rare individuals that this works on, that's amazing and some where in your childhood you were taught that tough love was the right thing to do) - another deeply rooted issue ;) SO let's get real here, EVERYONE WANTS A GOOD LIFE !! EVERYONE WANTS AN AMAZING RELATIONSHIP, CAREER, MONEY, FRIENDS etc. Everyone wants those things BAD ENOUGH !

I have never talked to a person or client who has told me that "nah... I like the unfulfilling relationship, career or life... QUITE satisfied actually." That has never happened! Everyone wants an amazing life but the reason they may not be succeeding in certain areas in their life is because of what they were taught in their childhood or obtained a certain belief themselves about a situation when they were young. It ALL starts in our childhood - now that doesn't mean we are DOOMED... We just need to know the root of the problem and once we solve that issue, we can see the change/shift happen in that specific area in our lives. We subconsciously self sabotage ourselves not knowing why or how until we start to learn more about ourselves - which helps a lot when you have a life coach, a group of supportive people or anything that resonates with you to see what you're deep rooted issues are. BUT HONESTLY, to all the leaders, coaches & bosses... for goodness sake, stop telling your workers/clients that they just don't want it bad enough. THEY DO! Start asking them: "What have you learned about having a successful career/relationship/life?" & then you can see what blockages that individuals may have towards those topics. Check my video out and I talk more about this topic and why I think this actually does the opposite than motivate people. Plus trying hard enough comes from a place of insecurity and not trusting that it will work out - so that's ironic.. lol

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- Alexandra


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