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You’re Unhappy Because You’re Disconnected | Soul Wisdom

"Connection gives purpose and meaning into our lives." - Brene Brown

A big thing that I have come to realize that though we live in a time and age where we are all very close to each other, we can buy a ticket and fly to any part of the world we choose, we have gadgets that keep us connected to each other but rather, we are actually way more disconnected than we think.

I know this may not be a surprise to some of you because we have heard this time and time again how though we are very connected and we are quite disconnected at the same time. But do we truly know the meaning of that ? I know I pondered it quite a bit to understand what this is really trying to say.

I believe I finally understand what this means TRULY.

Think about when we were kids, we were so in tune with ourselves, things, animals and people around us. We felt everything we needed to feel, we were curious, we got dirty in the mud if it was raining because hey, it was fun. We were SO connected when we were kids because that is the only way we knew how to be.

We were in this moment, never in the past or future. We truly were with whatever we were doing and we got very in tune with it. Making us super connected with it and finding bliss and happiness in whatever we were doing.

"Inner glow is often due to your connection with your inner child which makes you magnetic as well as playful." - Christopher Pinckley

Today, when we are constantly consumed by our past or what will happen in the future and how to avoid future failures, it completely consumes our minds and we become so disconnected with everything this is going around us. Which makes us also feel like our life is completely wasting away. Time is going faster, we aren't enjoying what is going on here and now and we are on this search to find happiness in the future.

It's the ultimate formula for unhappiness and disconnection.

Connection is what brings everything together.

It is what will make you feel like a kid again, time is standing still and you are just enjoying this moment.

Connection is what will bring you happiness.

So I dare you the next time you are eating something, don't watch anything or do anything. Just be with your food and absolutely enjoy what you are eating, Feel into the different foods and flavours and just enjoy it the same way you would as a child, or if you were eating that thing for the first time even if you haven't.

"Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you're in trouble because that reason can be taken away from you." - Deepak Chopra

Next time you are with a person, actually be with that person instead of thinking when will your interaction end, what you have to do, what should you say, etc. Be with that person, enjoy their company, get interested in what they are talking to you about.

Next time you are doing absolutely anything just be totally interested, immersed and connected with it. I am telling you your happiness and joy will begin to shift and you will find so much freedom in just connecting yourself with whatever is going on and being present with it.

"When you think like a child, your imagination is free and anything is possible." - Chris Angel

We are here folks to enjoy our life, it truly is a short one. So enjoy every moment as much as you can, as if you were experiencing it for the very first time. Use your senses to tune in whatever you are doing and you will begin to see how quickly your world will begin to shift.

Connection is your way back to happiness & bliss.

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Lots of love,

- Alexandra


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