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Your Annoyance with Someone is a Gift | Dig Deeper Within Yourself

"The more you know yourself, the more patience you have for what you see in others." - Erik H. Erikson

Being annoyed, angry, frustrated towards others, is nothing more than things you need to deal within YOURSELF!! I'm sure most of you heard that and whether you believe and accept that, well that is a whole different story. You see, we CANNOT, absolutely CANNOT perceive something negative in someone, if we haven't experienced it ourselves. It's the whole seeing therefore I believe thing when actually, you gotta BELIEVE before you SEE. !!

You gotta believe that someone is annoying, mean, has a certain flaw because you have experienced it BEFORE somewhere in YOUR OWN LIFE before you can actually perceive it so. The outside world of yourself is actually completely based on what you have already experienced and what your beliefs are about them, we are constantly moulding the world and people around us. This is a WONDERFUL GIFT! because if you are experiencing people and the world in negative ways, this means you can completely change that around! But first you gotta dig deep within yourself and understand as to why you are being triggered, what is this person or thing trying to teach you about yourself.


"Before you criticize, claiming their fault, ask yourself if this is not simply a reflection of your own fault that you see on them and that you are not able to accept yourself"


If you guys have stuck around and read my posts before, then you will understand the whole process of self discovery, because what I'm about to say, is you gotta start asking yourself questions. - Why is this person triggering me? - Why am I perceiving this in them? - Where have I experienced this kind of behaviour or situation in my life before? - What kind of beliefs have I made about it? - How can I release and transmute this? You see, all the people that annoy, frustrate or anger us are true gifts, they are here to teach you about yourself. To teach you about certain traumas you faced as a child and now you are just projecting onto anyone or anything that resembles that past memory.

Even if this post triggers you, you have to ask yourself as to why? What kind of pain points am I/this post hitting? What does it remind you of? You need to learn more about yourself to free yourself from people who trigger you. You have to do the inner work first.


"What other people say about you is not a reflection of you but a reflection of them."


Watch my video below for an auditory version of this and I got into a lot more details about this topic. After all, we ALL have experienced someone or a situation that ANNOYS the hell out of us and we resist to the fact that it is actually US that need to heal. A healed person won't be triggered by anything or anyone. Period.

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Lots of love, - Alexandra


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