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Your Souls Whisper or Trauma Speaking? | Higher Consciousness

"The more you trust your intuition, the more empowered you become, the stronger you become and the happier you become." - Gisele Dundchen

There is so much out there in this world about tuning in and trusting your intuition or aka your gut instincts, where most of us think it's natural to tune in easily into this powerful yet mysterious power we all have.

Thing is after working with some of my clients, I have begun to realize that trusting your intuition when we never truly practiced it, doesn't come naturally at all. In fact, most of the time it is our trauma or bruised ego speaking to us on what we should or shouldn't do.

Now, let me explain. You would probably agree that if you have never practiced a certain hobby or technique before, you probably wouldn't be very good at it and it wouldn't come as second nature, right? RIGHT.

Well, it's the same thing with our intuition, we all have this beautiful access to it but we were never truly made aware that it exists and that it always leads us into the right direction.

What we were taught as young innocent kids was to second guess ourselves just because that is what our parents did and modelled to us. So we grew up, always doubting ourselves, always thinking we weren't good enough and that we had to do numerous things in order to prove our worth - Here is the trauma that starts getting programmed in our minds..

So when we face a certain situation and we get that gut instinct to run away, do something, say something etc. Some of us, who are on the spiritual journey of awakening ( heeeeeey, I see you ;) ) get confused between our trauma speaking or our intuition kicking in. (Oh the bruised ego is good at playing the awakened spiritual guru who meditates 100x a day and has been through it all. Oh it knows ;) )

"Do not confuse the voice of ego with that of intuition." - unknown

See, let's say for example you have a hard time connecting with people and you truly want to make awesome, beautiful and safe connections but just picturing yourself doing that makes it super uncomfortable. Yet, you tell yourself:

"No I need to go out, start re-connecting with people so that I can heal my past of people always over stepping my boundaries and back stabbing me." So you go out, meet a couple of folks who seem great. You start a conversation with them and everything is going well but all of a sudden you get a gut wrenching feeling like you need to run away; the same feeling that always pops up to protect you from getting too close to people. So you feel the feeling and you say as the spiritual awakened person:

"Oh this is definitely a sign my intuition is telling me to get away from these people. They aren't good for me."

So you walk away from the group, making it up in your mind that your mighty intuition came to save you from the potentially "bad" people who could of hurt you, and you walk away super proud of yourself. You never talk to those people you met and continue living a very closed life, away from people. Thing is, how do you know that that wasn't just your trauma speaking because it was too scared of you getting too close???

Our trauma is good in making sure we are always kept safe from the potential danger at hand, that it will make you think that it's just your sweet innocent intuition speaking looking out for you. When really our subconscious mind is always on the look out for any similar situations that happened in the past that we perceived as bad.

I know that you truly will never know the intentions of a person but what I do know is if you keep having your trauma guide you away from making connections, you will never experience the depth of a beautiful, wonderful relationship with someone.

So then you may be thinking: "Well, ok how do I know the difference?" Well first of all you must first accept that your intuition may not be as strong as you may like to think it is, especially if you have been disconnected from it for a long time. It's about working out this specific muscle so then you can know the difference between the gentle whisper (it truly is a whisper) or the cry of the wounded ego.

Practice intuitive exercises as there are a ton out there on the net you can find. When you are facing a situation that is uncomfortable, know that your ego may come out at some point to sabotage you from the situation and that it's using the mask as your intuition to get you back to "safety".

Our intuition is often a gentle whisper and comes more often in working in ways that you may not even expect, like never meeting people who want to harm you because hey, your souls wisdom doesn't want you to go in that direction so you will never cross paths with these people or having the people not be interested in talking to you because their souls wisdom can feel your pure heart looking for true and real connections.

"As we distinguish our wounded ego from our soul, we become increasingly aware that our true self is not the thoughts and emotions we carry." - Wendy De Rosa

We only experience what we truly want and continue to focus on. So if you do want those real connections but it feels uncomfortable, you will have to know that your ego/trauma at some point may come out and say hello but you are there gently to remind it that you are safe. I highly recommend to practice the inner calling of your souls intuition so that you can understand the difference and not be confused by which voice is talking to you.

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Lots of love, - Alexandra


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