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Your Story is Keeping You Stuck | Re-Design Your Life

"Change your story, change your life. Basically, that's what it is." - Deepak Chopra

If the most of you have kept up with me, you realize by now how often I talk about how our childhood experiences form our beliefs thus forming the reality we live in today.

And most of these beliefs are negative and self sabotaging.

Which is why I work with so many people to start forming new beliefs, new habits thus creating a new life; i.e. a new story. So when you realize you grow up a certain way, with certain experiences that have molded you into the person you are today, we often have a "story" and we believe this story to be true.

Some peoples stories are AMAZING and fully support the lives they are living currently and for them I tell them to keep going, keep thriving and living out those beliefs as they are creating an awesome life for them. I must admit though, I rarely have met a person that has it ALL TOGETHER.

"Change your story, change your life. Divorce the story of limitation, and marry the story of the truth and everything changes." - Tony Robbins

A lot of us have certain parts or aspects that we are fully supported in and have created awesome beliefs, habits and behaviours in, but there's always SOME part, SOME aspect where it's not supported and depending on the individual, to some they excuse it because overall they are satisfied with their lives and to some, they wonder how they can change it. I'm the kind of person that is after it all, I just understand the mechanics and I refuse to settle for anything else, which is probably why I am in the self improvement industry and am constantly improving every aspect of my life. Why not right? I totally believe and have created the story that I absolutely CAN HAVE IT ALL and have it to the degree of satisfaction that I would be happy with ! AND you can too!

So, we can all accept that we ALL have some story about our lives and how some stories are great and fully support that persons life, while others just do not.

To those people; for those one's who are reading this, THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL! You DO NOT, and I repeat, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CONTINUE PLAYING THE SAME STORY THAT YOU HAVE CONJURED UP OVER THE YEARS! Especially if it is keeping you STUCK!! If you see yourself constantly repeating the same patterns over and over again and you are not satisfied with your overall life, you really have to ask yourself: "What is it that I am doing/believing that is making me perceive life the way it is?" That is a really deep question to ask yourself (I am all about deep, thought provoking questions) and one that might take some time before an answer comes up, but once an answer comes, this question becomes super powerful because it has the foundation for you to start shifting some things. It will open doors for you to start SHIFTING your beliefs and habits THUS shifting and changing your life.

"You have the power to say, "This is NOT how my story will end." - unknown

Remember, you are the creator of your life! We all have gone through things that have kept us in victim mode and made us feel like we cannot do anything to change, but once again this is just a story you made up about yourself and decided to keep! And you CAN change your story and all you have to do is decide! Decide you no longer want to keep replaying this pathetic story that is keeping you playing small and decide to rewrite your story. One that will make you feel more empowered about yourself, more motivated and life changing so that you can wake up tomorrow A NEW PERSON.

It's completely possible and I know some of you may be thinking: "It can't be that easy."

BUT IT CAN & that is a story within itself - the irony! The fact that your healing, your change HAS TO BE HARD! ---> IT DOES NOT!

Think about great people who have made changes throughout humanity and some of the greatest ones have had sad stories, but they stopped playing them on repeat and completely re-created themselves so that they can start living a different life. IF those people can do it, SO CAN YOU ! All you have to do is decide, decide you no longer want to play this version of yourself & start creating a new and improved version of yourself and your life, after all you are the author of your life.

If you are one who has trouble with mindset, or getting around shifting your story, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that you start working with a coach to get you out of the trap of the same old thoughts, habits, behaviours and patterns!

You are worthy of a new life, a new you and a new story. Go out and start creating it !

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lots of love, - Alexandra


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