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Your Work is a Distraction | Ultimate Life Creation

"An addiction to your distraction is the end of your creative production." - Robin S. Sharma

Distractions have been made to DISTRACT you from the thing you should ACTUALLY be doing, from your dreams, from your soul goals.

If you don't like what you are doing, understand this it is the ultimate distraction created so that it keeps you stuck in the matrix. That it keeps you stuck from doing what it is that you are meant to be doing on this planet.

Connect, go to the silence and see what it is that you should actually be doing, to serve this world at your most highest.

I have talked quite a bit about distractions before and I am sure to most of you the topic of distractions is nothing new. Most of us know that distractions are something that is ALL AROUND US. It is everywhere we look, something or someone is trying to get your attention because that is how VALUABLE your energy is to them! It is the video games you play, the negative people in your life, the food in your shelves, the television and anything else really that is trying to get your attention but actually has 0 benefit for you and your life. That also means, this could be YOUR JOB!

Now, I am not talking about job you absolutely love and it gives you a lot in return; that could be money, energy, to just having an amazing purpose in your life. If this is a job you absolutely love and could do whether you are getting paid or not then you know it's your soul based job and not a job that is distracting you from what you ought to do.

"Stop getting distracted by things that have nothing to do with your goals." - Unknown

A job that you absolutely hate doing or heck even a job you believe is something you truly love (one way of finding out if this is a job you love, you don't crave for the weekend to begin, you don't dream of being anywhere else but at your job, you would do it even if you weren't getting paid for it) but is taking too much energy from you, is a DISTRACTION.

A distraction from what you are meant to do, a distraction from what you were brought to this planet to actually THRIVE IN.

I mention this time and time again, we have been conditioned to think negatively and have fear/scarce ideas about the world and we are conditioned to be distracted by the millions of useless things going on in our lives and around our lives. None of this is actually bringing you to what your soul wants you to do.

It is absolutely crucial to practice some sort of quiet practice and yes, that often does look like meditation but it can be absolutely anything that you shut EVERYTHING OFF and go into the silence, a walk in a quite park, yoga, sitting in your garden, observing the world around you but not having anything around you playing (including your Tv, phone, people talking to you) just being with yourself to have time to see what it is that you are meant to do.

See, no one taught us that if anything what we learned was you are the "crazy" one if you are alone and sit in silence. So with that believe being taught to many of us, we are conditioned to always look like we are doing something because doing something is so darn important and it means we are worthy and intelligent!

What BS!!

The silence can teach you more than anything else in this world as you begin to quiet yourself, you begin to really hear what is going on. You begin to hear the subtle whispers in you heart telling you what you should do and what is worth your time, as absolutely no person in this world can give you that answer .

"The job is not your work. What you do with your heart and soul is your work." - Seth Godin

The silence can give you the answer to the job/career you are meant to do and thrive in. The ego will want to come in and create excuses like: "Oh but you are earning over 6 figures at this job, oh you're about to get a raise/promotion. Oh you have been working here for the past 30 years, this job is reliable." All those excuses that aren't actually serving you.

See we only feel fear when we are about to let go of something because we are ABLE to see what we will lose but we have NO IDEA WHAT WE WILL GAIN.

& how do you know that what you lose is something so small and less then what you will gain?

You won't unless you trust what your heart is saying and just go with it, and you won't be able to hear the voice of your heart if you don't go into the silence and cut off all your distractions! I know some of you may be asking: "Does that mean I quit my job?" and I cannot answer that for you. You will only know what to do when you tune in with yourself, so that even means if you do keep your job for now, make it a habit of just going into the silence.

"The quieter you become the more you are able to hear." - Rumi

Take a 30 minute break and just practice cutting EVERYTHING OFF around you and just listening and tuning in with yourself to understand what you should do next. You do not need to be a mastered guru or go to a spiritual person to tell you how to do this.

All this is guys, is cut the distractions - ALL OF THEM - and make this a practice. Go within and just start listening to what is trying to come through you and you will be amazed by the answers waiting to be received by you.

Let me know what you end up hearing.

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Lots of love,

- Alexandra


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